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Position Description Job Type Status
Software Quality Assurance iSOFT STUDIOS is looking for passionate candidates for the position of SQA Engineer. On-site Apply Now
Senior ROR Developer We immediately require ROR Software Engineers graduates from reputable universities and have good communication skills On-site Apply Now
React Native Developer We are looking for an experienced React Native developer who wants to be part of a fast-paced, dynamic environment, where everyone's opinions and efforts are valued. We hire outstanding professionals and give them the opportunity to thrive in a collaborative atmosphere that values learning, growth and hard work. On-site Apply Now
Junior ROR Developer We immediately require ROR Software Engineers graduates from reputable universities and have good communication skills. On-site Apply Now
Business Development Manager The ideal candidate will have experience in all stages of the sales cycle. They should be confident with building new client relationships and maintaining existing ones. They should have evidence of strong skills and possess good negotiation skills. On-site Apply Now


At iSOFTSTUDIOS, we aim at building the best of everything. Be it technology, environment or relationships with our human resources. Our team is passionate about contributing to the world in a most productive manner and this is what enables us to deliver hundreds of successful projects every year. The chant of making it all possible is simple: “we care” We believe that successful companies comprise of happy employees and this is why we invest a lot of our energies in providing highest level of workplace satisfaction to our team members. The key workplace facilities we offer are:

State-Of-The-Art Game Room

Level up your work-life balance with our fun-filled game room!

State-Of-The-Art Meeting Room

Where ideas converge and greatness emerges - step into our dynamic meeting room!

Exclusive Lunch Rooms And Kitchen

Fuel your passion and nourish your soul in our exclusive lunch room and kitchen - where every meal is a masterpiece!

Tea & Coffee Corner

Our tea and coffee corner is like a mini café, where you can fuel up and recharge your creativity before diving back into your work.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

At iSOFTSTUDIOS, we believe in taking care of our employees. Enjoy paid time off, delicious lunch options, comprehensive medical coverage, exciting annual tours, performance-based bonuses, continuous training opportunities, and delightful monthly dinners.

Paid Time Offs

Valuing, motivating, and supporting our employees with comprehensive paid time off benefits for work-life balance and well-being.


Our sponsored lunches are more than just a free meal - they're an opportunity to connect and recharge with colleagues.

Medical Coverage

Medical coverage at iSoftStudios is not just about physical health - it's about ensuring our employees feel supported in all areas of their lives.

Annual Tours

Annual tours at iSoftStudios are a chance to bond with colleagues, discover new places, and gain fresh perspectives.


Our bonuses are more than just financial rewards - they are a reflection of our commitment to recognizing and celebrating our employees' hard work.


At iSoftStudios, we believe in investing in our employees' development through continuous training opportunities and personalized career growth plans.

Project Bonuses

Referral bonuses at iSoftStudios are a win-win - our employees get rewarded for bringing in top talent, and our team grows stronger.

Monthly Dinner

Monthly dinners at iSoftStudios are a time to unwind, enjoy good food, and strengthen the bonds between our team members.