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Storefront is the world's leading online marketplace for renting short term retail space.We are building the future of retail by making it more engaging, more transparent and more productive. Our vision is to make retail globally accessible.



All-in-One Live Streaming Solution. OneStream is a cloud-based service to schedule & live stream pre-recorded videos as well as real-time streaming.



Parkpnp’s first offering was the Parkpnp marketplace, a one-stop shop which allows all types of parking space owners to connect with motorists in need near them.



An educational platform that delivers you the track of your learning, accountability & desired community to confidently create the personal & professional life you want.



GeniusU is home to the global Entrepreneur movement, with numerous social Entrepreneurs and impact Investors, collaborating together to grow their income and impact.


Dental Web Smart

A platform to assist dental offices in implementing more streamlines electronic process in their front office systems to fulfill the purpose of improved cash flow and leaving paper based payment to be over ridden by it.


AI powered marketing assistant to help you in optimising your marketing campaigns. Trusted by developers and marketers for time-savings, scalability, and delivery expertise.


Dental Train

DentalTrain is a digital learning platform for training and managing employees in a dental practice. Create training sets in the form of videos, text, and photos for employees to take as you assign them. Add tests to the end of the trainings and monitor your employees progress from your dashboard. This is the easy button you’ve always needed for employee management. Make life easier with DentalTrain.


Guide Pointer

Guide Pointer gives your guiding service all the tools you need to manage reservations, clients, guides, hosted destinations, multi-day packages, and other resources.


Your Mechanics

Your Mechanic is the industry leader in mobile vehicle repair, maintenance, and inspection, offering 500+ services to consumers and fleets across the U.S. and Canada.